Buying & Selling All Scraps

Clearing & Disposal

Our Services

We provide customer tailored service, competitive pricing and timely collection from our customers. Free quotation can be provided.

Please refer to the below list of services that we provide:

  • Transport / Logistics services – Lorries ranging from 10ft to 24ft for collection.
  • One Stop Station – Services such as collection, clearing, disposal to recycling of all metal scraps and electronic wastes, etc.
  • Supply of Bins of all sizes – Various bins for your scrap dumping island wide.
  • Timely collection schedule – Our on-time collection and dispatch operations.
  • Trained drivers and workers – Effective and fast services.
  • Our resource range – Power tools, cranes, lifting equipment, fork lift for use on site.
  • Disposal / Destruction certificate – Proper document to verify that waste items are properly disposed / shredded / destroy.